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      Q: Do you have a minimum order requirement?
      A: No. We have no minimum order requirement. You can order as much or as little as you like.
      Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
      A: We accept Western Union, Moneygram and Bank Transfer.
      Q: Is everything in stock?
      A: Everything we carry is 100% in stock and ready for immediate purchase.
      Q: Do you carry recreational drugs?
      A: No. We will never carry these products and will not respond to any queries regarding them.
      Q: Are your products pharmaceutical grade?
      A: All our products are made under GMP certification standards and are pure pharmaceutical grade. Your safety is our number one priority.


      Q: Which countries do you ship to?
      A: We ship worldwide to ALL countries.
      Q: How do you package your orders?
      A: All orders are sent in discreet packaging.
      Q: What if my order is seized?
      A: If in the unfortunate event of your order being seized, we will resend your seized items free of change as long as you can provide us with proof of the seizure.



      Q: How quickly will I see results?
      A: Results vary from individual to individual because we are all bio-chemically different and respond differently to anabolic products. Use in conjunction with a very clean diet and high intensity workout for maximum results.
      Q: What should I do if I notice any side effects?
      A: If you by chance get negative side effects from these products and experience any discomfort, discontinue use and contact your physician or doctor.