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Once you add your order to basket it removes stock from our available stock list so could you please either process your order or delete basket if your wanting to order at a later date, thank you.

When paying for your order via bank transfer please just use your order number as reference. NEVER mention Bodysupps or products as this could cause problems for both parties, thank you.

When registering please don’t put fake details as this can only cause delays and problems when trying to contact you and shipping, put your real details, don’t worry they are safe we will NEVER share information with 3rd parties, that’s a promise!

I will always try to ship your products as fast as possible, but please appreciate that I work solo and it’s HARD WORK believe it or not, so please understand if the product is shipped a day later than usual, please don’t bombard me with msgs, you will get your delivery, they are usually shipped the same day or next working day, rare occasions 3 days, but they are rare and it’s only down to security measures that are in place to keep me safe and your products safe.